What is Pilning Live?

This CIS-alike website displays live information about trains passing through the Pilning Station area. For passenger services, additional origin and destination information is provided where this can be sourced.

Where are the trains?

Covering the majority of movements:

Eastbound (Up), trains are considered in the Pilning Station area from Ableton Lane tunnel (a short distance east of the Severn Tunnel), to a little east of Shaymoor Lane.
Westbound (Down), trains are considered in-area from just west of an Virgos Farm Road, to Cross Hands Lane.
Other movements (mostly rare, or used only in emergencies) may differ slightly from the above.

Trains routed into the Up and Down loops will show on this site for up to an hour. After an hour, the services may disappear. In the case of the Up loop, any train will re-display when it begins to move past Platform 1.

For the technically-knowledgeable, trains are shown after passing signals NT1014 / NT1616 in the Up direction, signals NT1007 / NT1611 in the Down direction. Data is removed from screens after services pass NT1008 Up, or NT1011 / NT1315 Down. Intermediate signals are used to determine the direction of the train, and which line it is on.

Please note, Pilning Station Group is currently unable to obtain information relating to freight trains. These services are anonymised at the freight companies' request, and PSG currently has no access to the individual movement information. Pilning Station Group recommends looking at Realtime Trains for details on specific trains.

Data usage

This site retrieves live running data every 10 seconds. This will, naturally, have an impact on data usage. For those using this service at the station on a mobile device, there will of course be an impact on mobile data usage.

The standard Pilning Live (CIS) display consumes approximately 0.25MB of data per hour. The signalling diagram consumes approximately 0.75MB of data per hour. These figures may rise or fall, depending on the frequency and number of trains in the area at any given time.

Visitors may wish to ensure they close the page after browsing, to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.


This site is provided on a best-effort basis. Whilst we try, we can't promise all the data is accurate and up-to-date. Sometimes, things go wrong. Sometimes, we may not be able to fix it immediately.

You must not use this site for anything safety-critical, or as a base from which critical decisions are made. Remain rail-safe and vigilant at all times.

We are reliant on railway industry data sources to provide this service. Occasionally, our supplier has issues. Their main priority is keeping the UK moving, and things may take time to get resolved.